DailySpecs for daily life. These frames combine form and function and come in a variety of shapes and colors to fit your unique style.


A fun and modern brand for kids who love to explore. Comfortable to wear and durable, Kidspex are impact-resistant so they can keep up with your active kids! They also come in a variety of color and style options to help your kid’s personality shine through.


Activspex fit for an active life. Activspex takes you from the outdoors to the indoors with ease. Made of durable materials, the impact-resistant lenses can come tinted or polarized and come in sturdy but lightweight styles for both men and women. Never worry about glare again when you’re outdoors!



Brett Eyewear,  A Contract Between Brutality and Elegance

Brett Eyewear is named after a British gentleman from a legendary TV series that aired in the 1970s. His co-star is an American bad boy and self made man. Together, they were a charismatic duo in spite of their different personalities. 


Combining passion and a deep curiosity for the world, Massada combines European style with Japanese and Italian craftsmanship.