5 lens upgrades you can add to your lenses

5 lens upgrades you can add to your lenses

Eyeglasses are more than just a fashion accessory.


Most people spend a lot of time choosing the frames that will look good on them and be comfortable to wear. Truly, eyeglasses can either enhance or derail your looks, but let's admit it, it should be more than a fashion accessory. Lenses protect the eyes and correct any refractive problem you have – nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia – providing clear vision. 


It is also important to add lens upgrades to extend the life of your lenses from the daily wear and tear. Here is a list of lens upgrades you can choose from: 

    • Multicoated Lenses: These lenses are made for function and comfort. These are ideal for people who want to get the most of their eyewear as these combine anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, oil or water repellant, and anti-UV coatings. 
    • Blue Light Lenses: These filter the harmful blue light emitted by digital screens – computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. So these help reduce eye strain and regulate wake-sleep body clock patterns.   
    • Polarized Lenses: If you like going to the beach or are always out for a sunny drive, polarized lenses can provide UV protection and reduce glare from light-reflecting surfaces like water, sand, car hoods, windshields or light-colored pavements.
    • Photochromic Lenses: These are lenses that automatically darken when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays or when you are outdoors, and return to clear when indoors. These work for people are always out and do not want to get another pair for prescription sunglasses.  
    • Tinted Lenses: With various colors, shades and gradations, these can help enhance or lessen intensity of colors, and reduce glare/enhance contrast.
    • Mirror Lenses:  Both fashionable and functional, these lenses have highly reflective coatings applied to the front side of the lenses. These cause light to bounce off the lenses, and partially or completely conceal the eyes, so people cannot see your eyes.


Before upgrading your lens, it is important to consider your options, your needs and your lifestyle. But if you are unsure, we can help you. Just click the Chatbox, and we can recommend the right lens upgrade for you.