5 things you should remember when buying Contact Lenses

5 things you should remember when buying Contact Lenses



Online shopping spells C-O-N-V-E-N-I-E-N-C-E. 


Now that almost everything is available online, it is now easier for us to get a hold of the products we need or want. But when it comes to buying contact lenses here are some useful reminders before you hit that add-to-cart button:



1. Prepare your contact lens prescription


A contact lens prescription contains information, such as your eye grade, diameter of the contact lens (how big), the base curve (how curved) the brand or type of contact lenses appropriate for your eye condition, and even instructions on how often you should have them replaced. Having your prescription ready when ordering online is a breeze! The optometrist will review it before processing your order, so you can be sure you will have optimum vision. Take note that an eyeglass prescription can’t be used in its place because its specifications are different from contact lenses. 



2. Consult with your eye doctor first

If your last eye checkup was over a year  ago (or if you can’t even remember your last checkup), it’s better to get your eyes checked first. Ideally, you need to get your eyes checked every year because your eye grade might have changed and you’ve not noticed it, or you might have eye problems that you’re not aware of. By doing so, you’re sure your eye grade prescription is updated. You can purchase contact lenses that address your eye grade requirement and that the material is compatible with your eyes.



3. Buy only from a legit or trusted online shop

Contact lenses are a medical device that help you  have clear vision. So if you’re a first timer, it is best to have them fitted by an eye doctor; and if you’re a regular contact lens wearer, you need to have a valid prescription. Ordering from a reliable online shop ensures that you purchase authentic and FDA- approved contact lenses that are safe to use. You get peace of mind when you know you have a legitimate source that also gives you access to eye experts, so the next time you buy your contact lenses, look for the FDA-approval notice or seal.



4. Invest in FDA-approved contact lenses

Yes to saving money, and no to the risk of eye infections. It is always better to get FDA-approved lenses. You only have one set of eyes, so it is better to choose from reputable brands that have been tested to be safe and effective to use. An eye infection is not just uncomfortable, it can put you at risk for more serious eye conditions. If you start experiencing eye redness, swelling, excessive tearing, blurry vision, itching, burning or sandy feeling in the eye, stop wearing your contact lenses and set an appointment with your eye doctor. 



5. Follow the prescribed brand

Trying different brands is tempting when you have a lot of options to choose from.   But keep in mind that contact lenses brands have differences in terms of shape and water content. It can determine which contact lens solution you will have to use too. Before you make that purchase, double-check all details first with your eye doctor. If you feel any irritation or discomfort, discontinue use and consult with your doctor. 


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