Fitting Eyeglasses: A Guide to Choosing Frames that Fit

Fitting Eyeglasses: A Guide to Choosing Frames that Fit

Eyeglass frames are not one-size-fits-all. 


When choosing eyeglass frames, it is not just important to choose the color, style or shape that compliments your facial features. You also have to make sure that the size of the frame fits your face perfectly. 


In general, you should not get frames that are too small or too large for your face. When it is too small, the tendency is you will look wider; while big frames will make your eyes look smaller or simply too small. Finding the ideal eyeglass frame size will provide you with clear vision, and secure and comfortable fit. 


But how do you determine your frame size? Aside from trying on several eyeglass frames, it is helpful to know these three (3) key frame measurements:

  • Lens Width: refers to the horizontal width of one lens. The lens will be thicker if the lens width is larger.
  • Bridge width: is the distance between the lenses. Having accurate distance prevents the glasses from slipping down the nose and does not put pressure on the nose bridge. 
  • Temple length: refers to the length of the arms of the frames. Measured from the hinges of the frame to the tip of the arms/temples, the temple length should fit around your ears comfortably and securely.  



If you have been wearing eyeglasses for a long time,   and are considering finding a replacement, reading your frame size is easy. Get your eyeglasses and check the three (3) numbers printed or engraved on the inside of the frame's temple. The first number is the eye size, the second one represents the bridge size, and the third one indicates the temple length. You can also measure it manually using a millimeter ruler or measuring tape.  


However, if you are ordering eyeglasses for the first time or are unsure about how to take the measurements, you don’t need to  measure these on your own. Instead, go to your trusted optometrist. Optometrists are trained to help you choose the correct frame size, adjust the fit and make sure you are comfortable with your eyewear. 


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