Gunnar Glasses: Excellent Gaming Glasses for Superior Performance and Protection

Gunnar Glasses: Excellent Gaming Glasses for Superior Performance and Protection

Are you a gamer? You have probably set up your space to have everything you need – from a high-resolution monitor to an ergonomic chair, a gaming headset, a full-sized backlit keyboard, and an adaptable mouse. But did you know you can unlock hours of comfortable playtime by wearing the right eyeglasses? 


Gunnar offers a selection of eyeglasses that are specifically designed to boost your gaming performance while keeping your eyes comfortable and protected, even during the longest gaming sessions!


According to Asian Eye Institute’s Chief Optometrist Dr. Jesse Caguioa, “A lot of people these days spend a lot of time staring at screens – whether it is a computer, a laptop or a mobile phone. Too much screen time can lead to digital eye strain or eye fatigue and headache. Some may also have dry eyes and suffer from poor sleep.”


“Gamers are more prone to dry eyes too,” Dr. Caguioa adds, “They tend to blink less when they focus on screens for a long time. The moisture in their eyes then dries the eye up faster and often leads to a burning sensation, or a sandy or foreign body sensation in the eye, or eye redness and pain.”


Gadgets or LED screens also emit a significant amount of blue light.


Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum (or what the human eye can see); it has the shortest wavelength and highest energy,” he explains, “The biggest natural source of blue light is sunlight. It is actually more beneficial in the morning. It boosts alertness and elevates mood, and it also regulates the body’s natural wake and sleep cycle.”


Too much screen time, especially at night, can disrupt sleep cycles. “The blue light from our gadgets mimics daylight and signals the brain to wake up instead of winding down. This makes it harder for you to get to sleep.”


Finding gaming glasses can help protect your eyes from these concerns.


Gunnar Optiks is a leading designer of gaming and computer glasses, which has patented lens technology that offers:

  • blue light filter for a more restful sleep
  • natural focusing power for clearer, sharper vision at a close range
  • lens coating that minimizes peripheral reflections and glare
  • external hard coat for lens durability and scratch resistance


Dr. Caguioa advises gamers to select frames that have the proper fit, consider the material to ensure that it fits comfortably without adding weight, and get lenses that have the key features to give you the best gaming experience.


“Gunnar has a selection of stylish frames that are lightweight yet sturdy, so it is comfortable to wear throughout the day.”


Gunnar eyeglasses are available at Asian Eye Institute Optical Shops (Rockwell Makati, Trinoma, Mall of Asia, Commercenter Alabang), Asian Eye Vision Center at the Power Plant Mall, and the Asian Eye Shop.