Foggy glasses? Here’s how you can keep them fog-free

Foggy glasses? Here’s how you can keep them fog-free

Eyeglass wearers all know the struggles of dealing with foggy lenses. It can happen when doing daily tasks, like sipping a cup of coffee, exiting a cold room or vehicle, or even while exercising.  And it is all more common now that we are wearing face masks every day.


Lens fogging happens because of condensation. A blinding layer or moisture is formed when warm, moist air from your mouth or nose hits the surface of your eyeglasses. This is not only inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous when it interferes with your vision.


Avoid slips and falls and enjoy clear, fog-free vision by following these four (4) simple tips:


Seal your mask

Look for a snug-fitting mask, so your moist breath will not escape and hit your eyeglasses. Get one in your size, or grab those with a bendable metal strip around the bridge of your nose. If you cannot find one, you can secure your mask to your nose with a medical or sports tape. You can also pull the mask up higher on your nose and place your glasses on top of it.


Wash eyeglasses with soapy water

Use warm water and a small drop of hand soap to wash your eyeglasses. This will leave behind a translucent coating that helps prevents glasses from fogging. Just make sure the soap does not have beads or any abrasives to avoid scratches. It is also best to air dry them, but you can wipe them with a clean lens cloth if you need to wear them right away,


Consider upgrading to anti-fog lenses

The anti-fog coating helps eliminate the condensation of moisture that leads to fogging of lenses. It is designed to absorb moisture and keep the tiny water droplets from becoming to be large enough and be seen as fog. This lens coating may be placed in plastic, polycarbonate, and high-plastic lens materials. Learn more about this when you visit Asian Eye clinics, or talk to our eye experts via the Asian Eye Shop.


Try anti-fog cloth

The Zeiss Anti-Fog Cloth offers an easy, practical solution to fogging lenses. It prevents condensation from happening by leaving a thin, temporary coating on the eyeglass lenses. They ensure clear vision and is a practical solution that can fit into your pocket, purse or office bag. Aside from its anti-fog property, it is also made of soft microfine fabric to ensure effective yet gentle cleaning of eyeglass lenses or sports eyewear. Keep your eyeglasses fog-free up to 12 hours; it can be used up to 300 times and usable up to 12 months. Purchase your own Zeiss Anti-Fog Cloth here.